For artists, it’s quite frustrating to stumble into a great view while you don’t have your drawing kit next to you. Well, don’t worry, we can always turn our versatile smartphone into a capable drawing table with this awesome app from ibis mobile. Try ibis Paint X as this amazing app allows users to create beautiful arts using the features that it provides. And even if you’re not an artist, it wouldn’t hurt to express your creativity with ibis Paint X. No pressures, we won’t tell anyone.

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Since it’s just a drawing app, ibis Paint X will not require you to have powerful hardware to run it. For normal and quick drawing sessions, you can enjoy smooth and satisfying experiences on most Android devices. Plus, with the accelerated hardware feature, you won’t likely to encounter any problem with creating your arts.

However, keep in mind that the app will need to you have your own drawing pen, which you can easily get from many sources and in varied models. While you can still draw using your finger, having a legit touch pen would make a world of differences.