Looking for the perfect app for reading your files or eBooks on the Android platform? Expecting a smooth and satisfying experience so you can actually enjoy your reading? And etc.

Books & Reference
4.1 and up
26.6 MB
MOD Features
Delete default books from the list of books

Well, we have just the right app for you, the Moon+ Reader Pro – your ultimate eBook application on the mobile platform. With simple and intuitive controls, you’ll find yourself easily navigating through the different features that the app offers while enjoying every bit of your book.

Moon+ Reader Pro is essentially an eBook reading app on your mobile devices. However, with all the amazing features that it provides, the app is far more than that. Having said that, with Moon+ Reader Pro, Android users can access to most of the available file formats that’re currently present. Read through your PDF, Doc, EPUB, HTML, TXT, even RAR, ZIP file formats with ease.

With a quick and intuitive interface, users will find themselves getting familiar with the in-app features relatively easy. The clean and organized design makes it relatively easy to locate your books. And most importantly, with optimized features, the app performs great on multiple devices even those with low-end hardware.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the app has to offer: