Have you ever find yourself confusing multiple calls and texts on your mobile phones because your Contacts list is so unorganized between the work contacts and family numbers? And even if you manage to place all the phones in their certain categories, it’s still quite annoying to have your personal number as your work phone number. You can easily get mixed up with the multiple incoming calls and never know how to deal with them.

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That being said, for those of you who’re looking for the absolute solution for this problem, 2ndLine – Second Phone Number will provide you the options to have your own professional phone number that you can use for your works and businesses. And most importantly, the app will not require you to have a new SIM installed or even having a SIM at all.

That being said, the communication service is available on both the US and Canada, and will let you make your calls by using the Internet connection or existing cellular network. Here, you can easily pick up your calls from anywhere. And by registering your official account in the app, the call receiver will find your professional phone number appearing on the incoming call notifications, just like when you’re making traditional calls using your number from the SIM card.

In addition, the app also offers unlimited online communications between registered users of the app. Here, you can freely enjoy multiple chat option just like many other free mobile messaging apps. Contact your friends and family through traditional calls, online chats, video calls, and so on. Communications have never been so easy between people.

Then, you can start activating all of its amazing features and have yourself a new mobile phone number that’s ready to contact anyone within your list. The call receiver will have all your caller ID appear on their devices just like when you make a call from an actual SIM card.