For LEGO fans, spending their time to put up the little pieces of LEGO into wonderful contraptions has always been a great fun for almost every player. However, there are times when you find yourself getting stuck in certain steps of making your LEGO contraptions. And from here on, it’s quite difficult to decide what are the next moves to create your LEGO builds as even the provided instruction manual wasn’t enough to guide you.

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This is even more difficult and annoying for kids who’re only looking for their quick fun with the new toys. Hence, it would be nice if you can get access to a more intuitive guides to create your LEGO models. That’s said, with the new LEGO Building Instruction app from LEGO System A/S, Android users can quickly find the right guides for putting up their new pieces of LEGO. And thanks to the intuitive instructions, it would be a lot easier to pick up the pace.

And to make the app easier for most users to make uses of, LEGO Building Instructions also offers the quick QR scan that allows you to quickly identify your package of LEGO and enjoy using it on your mobile devices. Quickly look up for the right instructions and you can easily put up your LEGO pieces.

Plus, the app will also act as a testing tool for any of you who’re looking to purchase your new LEGO toys. Just scan the code and you can receive the exact information on the sets.