For those of you who’re interested in doing some healthy exercises, it would be nice if you can have your progress scheduled and properly tracked. And since it’s quite difficult to perform the tasks all by yourself, you might need some help from the useful health tracking devices that you can keep alongside you throughout the day.

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That being said, the convenient health tracking devices that can be connected to your smartphones are getting quite popular lately. Being able to effectively supervise your well-being through multiple sensors, and are also effective when it comes to tracking your exercises, these items are definitely must-have for those of you who’re in need such services.

To start with, the app allows Android users to easily connect to their Mi Band devices with complete support for all models. With this, you can use your Mi Band to effectively supervise and check on multiple apps that are currently being used on your mobile devices.

First and most importantly, you can have access to all the recorded health reports on the devices and be able to revise each and every of your workout sessions. Feel free to check on your current weight, health predictions, the amount of burned calories after each workout, the jogging length, and so on. The combined information will then help you to make your certain decisions on health-related matters.