Are you bored by the simple and uninteresting music app that comes with your original devices? Looking for a change of look and music experiences with a new mobile app? Then you would certainly find Avee Music Player an absolutely awesome app to enjoy. Dive into unique and customized audio experiences with this amazing music player application.

Music & Audio
Daaw Aww
4.8 MB
MOD Features

Get ready to shake off your boring and unappealing music app on your Android devices, and get ready for a new and refreshing start with Avee Music Player Pro. Never find yourself listening to music from the same old and generic Android app like everybody else. Be different and embrace the world of creative music player with this new app from Daww Aww.

Having said that, you can find in Avee Music Player a variety of interesting features that would allow you to enjoy your music listening sessions to the fullest. Find yourself diving into the awesome world of music while enjoying convenient features with your music player app.

Have fun with high-quality pieces of music, while discovering the brilliant HD backgrounds. Make uses of the built-in EQ to tune your music to how you preferred. And at the same time, feel free to enjoy high-definition videos with the playback feature on the app. It’s the ultimate multimedia app that you should definitely have on your mobile devices.

However, if you wish to access the online library, you must connect your devices to the Internet. And for the global audio stream service, the software will require you to provide microphone permissions.