MyJio is an Indian network carrier that has been growing in popularity recently within the domestic market due to their aggressive pricing policies and plans. Including offers of unlimited data as well as calls for a bargain price in comparison to competitors. The needs for a good management app that allows its customers to better take advantage of the services, be in greater control of their contract, and is more flexible with their billing in general is rising. That is the main reason why MyJio was developed by Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt Ltd. And for all of the abilities and features that it carries, so far, it is the best carrier management app developed and fielded by any Indian mobile carriers thus far. Similar to MyJio: mCent Free Mobile Recharge

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Complying with its good look, the app works like a well oiled machine. The ‘oil’ in this case being a solid code base that provides the app with the kind of reliability much needed in an app with this type of calibre: One that contains important, and unfortunately, extremely vulnerable personal information such as credit and debit card information. I have no expertise and is no security expert, however, I am pretty certain that the app is built strongly enough that normal threats of being hacked or had your identity stolen should not happen on the client side. Unless your physical phone is untapped and kept clean of possible threats and malwares, if I were you, I would not be fearful one bit of MyJio’s security … until further development.

But to demonstrate my point further on the note that MyJio has a solid code base, the app is coded so that if it recognised a Jio SIM card in your device, it would log into your account automatically within the app. Not only it adds another layer of security, it also ensures that you don’t have to enter your credentials twice.

Besides being a portal for balance management and a virtual wallet for phone recharges. It is also a nifty management app for your account’s telecom services usage. Although your phone’s OS most likely have features that would track this information for you, MyJio presents a more convenient interface since it is directly linked with the carrier, instead. And also, you would only want to know about this kind of information at the end of each month. The fact that all of this is compacted into a single package: Paying and verifying is a sold out.