One of the benefits of having an Android device over other iOS devices is because you can easily root and claim the full controls over the system. Hence, you’ll become the true owner of the devices and prevent any further interceptions from the manufacturers to your systems.

Speed Software
4.4 MB
MOD Features
– Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
– Encrypted all resources
– Languages: En, Ru

And of course, with such amazing capabilities, it’s recommended that you have the useful tools to utilize such powers. For those who’re looking for the ultimate tool to control and organize all the files on their system, there wouldn’t be a better option than the Root Explorer.

Moreover, with well-optimized features, the app also allows you to enjoy the quick and satisfying experiences. Feel free to perform multiple tasks that are available on it with impressive speeds and precision.

It’s possible to browse through all the different files on your systems, have access to plenty of unique functions such as text editor, extract all the common files, execute specific scripts, view system files, transfer files through Bluetooth, Internet, and so on. All it takes a few simple operations and you’ll be ready to go.

In addition, for the online files transferring and cloud drive features, you’re required to have your mobile devices connected to the Internet. And don’t worry, none of your personal information will be transparent to the providers.