For hardcore gamers, the birth of smartphones has brought lots of changes to the gaming world, especially the portable games market. That’s said, you’re now able to enjoy amazing games on your Android devices with incredible graphics and gameplay that rival even the best console games. However, due to the limited hardware, some gamers would find it relatively more difficult to enjoy mobile games since they don’t offer a convenient controller feature.

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And to solve this, many people would turn to the external controller, which can be connected to your mobile devices, enabling console-like gaming experiences whenever you want. Having said that, Octopus: Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper is one of those great mobile apps that you can use to link your external controllers to the Android devices. However, it is far more than just an average mobile app, as Octopus Gamepad comes with a variety of interesting features for you to fully utilize your controller devices.

That’s said, by allowing your devices to quickly match and sync with the controllers, the app also lets you make uses of its feature to map certain touch commands and gestures to the keyboards and controllers. This enables complete and accurate controls whenever you play your games, which is extremely important, especially on competitive titles like MOBA or online FPS.

And the more you get into it, the more interesting the app would be, as it offers a wide range of different settings with incredible details and features. Find yourself completely changes your gaming experiences with the suitable calibrations and settings.