For the hardcore Android users, having their devices Rooted is always a must. This process would unlock your system and allow you to do whatever you want on it. However, to make it easier for you, it’s recommended that you install certain apps to help you with controlling the system. And Root Booster is one of those great apps.

Dominik Nožka
3.0 and up
2.8 MB
MOD Features

With it, you’ll be able to access the entire system controls on your devices. Feel free to adjust its performances through a variety of different available features. Customize different elements on your phones to optimize different aspects, and more.

And to make this happen, the app lets you get inside the hardware settings, which involves the CPU, RAM, and Android OS. With the available customizations, you can change how the hardware responds to certain apps, therefore, cranking up the performance or keep it under controls.

In addition, the app also features useful functions that allow you to optimize the performances on your phone to the max. For the non-root users, the game also comes with many features that you can make uses of. Enjoy a cleaner and more satisfying experience on your Android devices.

As for the non-root users, you can still enjoy the useful features such as system cleaner, system optimizer, and more. Just keep in mind that they wouldn’t be as effective as on the rooted ones.