Now that both business and personal works require the exchange of files and information across devices and platforms more and more with the digitalisation of the working space. We are in a dire need of good file transfer systems than ever. Even though we have had a ‘sort of’ solution to the problem decades ago in the form of Bluetooth, it is slow, it is clunky, and sometimes, it doesn’t even work with files large enough. Contemporary programmes have also caught up trying to fix this little obstacle in the form of Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, e.t.c. But they are primarily cloud storage services. Though they made it hugely more convenient than Bluetooth to share files, they are still not the best they could be in term of file exchange.

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That’s where SHAREit comes in, as a one size fit all solution to this problem.

SHAREit allows you to share files – no matter their types – across a wide variety of devices. From phones, tablets, to computers, and also through a variety of platforms that support the app such as Windows and MacOS. The best thing about SHAREit is that it grants you the ability to share your file in speed dramatically faster than traditional Bluetooth sharing. Instead of utilising the low bandwidth Bluetooth connection, SHAREit utilises the speed of direct wireless hotspot to transfer your file. Note that there is a difference between general WiFi and wireless hotspot. The latter – which SHAREit uses – connects directly to the recipient device in technically the same way Bluetooth does, yet far more efficient. Not Internet WiFi.