While the age of SMS has passed and more cloud based, free messaging services such as WhatsApp are taking the centre stage. It is still not entirely irrelevant and is still a usable, and sometimes, necessary alternative to these services – especially when you don’t have data or WiFi available. And for many who still haven’t gotten the chance to use these services, or those who still rely on ‘dumb’ phones for their day to day commute. SMS is still important to their communication needs. However, the problem is that SMS is, first of all, expensive, and second, unintuitive. Integrated SMS services built into phones still charge your phone credit, and they don’t allow you to send out multiple messages to many recipients at once in a faux group chat.

4.0 and up
1.5 MB

SMSERA is probably the solution you are looking for at this point, if you still want to use SMS as a daily messaging service.

For whatever methods that they used, the app allows you to actually send an unlimited amount of SMS messages, each confined in an atypical 365 word limit often associated with SMS. Although it is not speedy like the integrated SMS app on your phone, the fact that it is free completely patched up whatever inconveniences that it had in term of sending time.

SMSERA is also a step up from the traditional SMS by allowing you to send messages to multiple recipients at once, which was kind of impossible in basic SMS. The only thing that you could do that is close to this ability is copy and paste, and that will take a long time if you have an SMS mailing list going on. So for some who do have such a list, this app is going to be a life and time saver.