For those who love to sing, but isn’t confident enough to share your raw voice records, Tune Me Pro is a great app for those who’re interested in singing and recording right on your Android devices. And don’t worry, since your voices will sound exactly how you want it to be with tons of different tuning options that come with the app.

B-Side Studios
8.8 MB
MOD Features
Pro Features

Feel free to sing and record using your mobile devices whenever you want. Make uses of the customizing features that are built in the app to deliver incredible tracks that even you could not believe your ears.

Feel free to adjust your voices with the amazing Auto-Pitch which allows you to enhance your weak voices, tone down the “screaming” parts, and make your overall voices a lot more enjoyable and fun to listen to. And with the full-featured recording and editing tools, Android users are allowed to create high-quality tracks whenever you want.

In addition, it’s also extremely lite and can be installed on most of your Android devices with ease. Not to mention that all the features can perform smooth and satisfying on even the low-end devices.

And to make sure that you can have the best records on your mobile devices, they should come with a decent microphone for recording options. If it’s possible, you might want to put on your headphones that come with dedicated mics for the jobs.