Addictive AFK RPG! Welcome to one of the most unique AFK games, where your heroes will fight even when you are offline! Create and manage a powerful team without all the grinding found in other RPG games! Relax and when you return to your phone, you can claim materials, new equipment and weapons, which your heroes gathered in automatic battles. It’s absolutely stress-free!

Unlike other role playing games, that you have already seen, this one features CATS as main characters and only heroes. It’s a true gem among cat games! This awesome CAT RPG is set in a beautiful steampunk universe, where cute but fierce cats have to unite and win the fight against a legendary enemy of all felines – an evil vacuum cleaner called DOOMBA. The world needs all your tactical and strategic skills in order to win over this robotic monster. Can you lead the fight and defeat the terrifying Doomba which wants to take over the world.

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AFK Cats: Idle RPG Arena with Epic Battle Heroes MOD

1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode (Main Hero)