It’s surprising to find how a simple and straightforward game concept could become so interesting if you know what to do with it and gather enough attention to it. And that’s exactly what happened with, another great Android game from our famous

4.1 and up
39.4 MB
MOD Features
Reduced Zoom

Find yourself playing with millions of online gamers from all over the world in this oddly satisfying and addictive game of Choose your avatar as you participate in the epic competition with thousands of other gamers in real-time battles.

In the game, gamers will have the chances to join thousands of online gamers in a single real-time multiple battle between the microscopic cells. You’ll create your own cells with unique writings and graphics to make it stand out from the others.

Once you’ve finished, you can then participate in the exciting big fish small fish gameplay where you must consume all the foods and players that are smaller than you in order to grow bigger and bigger until you become literally the big “bully” on the map who can take on anyone he likes.