Follow the success of Titanfall 1 and 2, it surprises many fans that they wouldn’t release the third installment of the franchise. Instead, EA has launched a battle royale version of the game which continues their stories at the same universe.

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Although some of the fans are not happy about this, the majority of them immediately fall in love with this game as it becomes their favorite battle royale game apart from PUBG. However, up until recent days, the game is only available on PC and consoles which makes smartphone users a little bit disappointed.

After the events happened in the previous games, the battlefield between the IMC and the resistant army become a wasted land. Hence, no one would want to gain control of those lands, thus the war goes to an end. However, those who survive must find another destination for their kin to settle.

And fate has brought our legends to the Frontier worlds where they meet again at the Outlands. Both sides send their squads of scouts to investigate and explore the areas to look for valuable goods. Thus, conflict is inevitable.

Although the game is based on the world-famous game of PUBG, Apex Legend has its own elements of excitement. Here are the awesome features that you would definitely love: