Find yourself in a whole new adventure with Jimmy Hopkins, the 15-year-old mischief teenager who happens to find himself in the corrupted and deteriorated prep school. Experience your highschool life in Bullworth Academy, meet new people, find yourself being bullied by the school thugs, get picked on by teachers.

Rockstar Games
8.0 and up
43.2 MB + 2.0 GB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Here, our little Jimmy will have to face against all odds in order to make his stance and enjoy a decent highschool life. Experience unique aspects of a teenager life, from friend crisis, his love life, to the school problems.

Plus, Bully Anniversary Edition also comes with many additional features for you to enjoy. Not to mention that, for the first time, Bully fans can enjoy the game with multiplayer gameplay. Join your friends as you complete missions together or take on each other in epic challenges.

Time to explore your new school and make new friends here. Find out how a troubled kid could fit in and enjoy his highschool life, especially in this pretty much torn-out school.