Find yourself in an epic intergalactic shooter title as you help your teammates to battle the powerful aliens. Land your army in a strange planet outer space, start to build your bases, and defend it from enemies’ attacks.

Triniti Interactive Ltd
4.1 and up
14.2 MB + 88.1 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Pick up your favorite pieces of weapons and unleash powerful shots toward the enemies in this unique and “cute” shooter title with your mini heroes. Unlock unique perks and equipment that will give your certain advantages over the enemies. Use them to help you gain your victories.

This requires mankind to start looking for a new home, where we could re-establish our population. Fortunately, about 35 years ago, an expedition fleet has discovered and located a new planet called Caron with the same surviving conditions such as Earth. Hence, a re-inhabitation plan has been drawn up so that we can quickly move to our new planet.

However, this is no ordinary job and we’ll have to face a lot of trouble. And although the planet is still young and has no intelligent species on it, many aliens also consider this as their dreamland. Thus, an intergalactic war has broken between civilizations.