Well, it’s not a game of cats like you would’ve thought. But instead, the CATS is short for Crash Arena Turbo Stars. However, you’ll still have many cats in the game, who’ll control the epic brawling machines. Enjoy the game with the master engineer cats as you build your own ultimate machine and use it to take down others’.

80.7 MB
MOD Features
God Mode

Make uses of your creativity and challenge other gamers in epic PvP battles. Build your own unique machines with varied contraptions. Use all kind of weapons that you’ve collected and put them on your brawling machine so you can take down your opponents easily. Join awesome challenges and tournaments to become the champion in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

He then presents you with a small machine as your birthday gift. But you were soon approached by Snake and the gangs, who demanded him to return the machine that he has stolen. However, as he says, he just gives it someone better. And that is you.

So it’s time to repay his deed and help him defeat the evil gangsters with your new-found machine. Equip it with weapons and give it new upgrades so you may defeat the evil Snake and his gang. Your journey starts here. Never give up until you become the champion with the most powerful machine ever.