Experience the new style of Battle Royale as you begin your journey in this completely destructible and constructible world of Creative Destruction. Participate in this amazing survival game where you can feel free to roam the massive world map featuring varied locations, each is much more unique compared to the others.

NetEase Games
4.1 and up
73.4 MB + 1.6 GB
MOD Features

Pick up your tools and items, collect materials that’re scattered all around you. Make uses of the amazing building feature in Creative Destruction and create all kinds of contraptions that you want to. Create a fort to defend you from your enemies, make traps to lure them in, or just simply to satisfy your interest.

The game features the classic elements in every Battle Royale games that you’ve always enjoyed. Find yourself being dropped on a massive island that’s much larger than every game that you’ve played before. Pick up your weapons and items that’re scattered all over the world. Make every second count so you might earn your advantages over your enemies.

And more than that, Creative Destruction also introduces the unique world where everything is totally destructible, from the trees on the road, the rocks that’re blocking you, and even a mountain. You’ll only need time and firepower to take them down. Also, besides destroying, you can pick up your tools so you may start building and creating in this amazing Battle Royale challenge.