Dive into the action-packed mobile experiences in Dragon Hills 2 where you’ll join the fearless princes in her new adventures. Find yourself riding on the epic mechanical dragons and crashing down the structures in your ways. Kick some zombie’s butts as you send them back to where they came from.

Rebel Twins
65.3 MB
MOD Features
– Unlimited Coins
– Complete one level to get coins!

Choose between different mechs and robots as hop on them as you embark on your latest challenges in Dragon Hills 2. Take down the zombies and stop their evil schemes before they could successfully dominate the planet.

Not to mention that you’re also partially blamed for losing the only piece of equipment that could allow us to travel back in time and stop the zombie apocalypse from happening. Now, to redeem yourself, you’ll have to get on your amazing mechanical contraptions, chase after the zombies and retrieve the time machine.

Make uses of the unique powers and abilities on your machines to avoid enemies’ attacks and traps by diving underground, fly over the air and unleash powerful shots toward them, and kicking zombie’s butts whenever you’re ready.