For the hardcore Android gamers, DraStic DS Emulator is undoubtedly a great mobile app for you to easily emulate your favorite DS games. Here, you can have fun with thousands of different Nintendo games that are available exclusively on their gaming platform. Take on amazing adventures with many of exciting handheld games that have made the platform popular.

15.2 MB
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Enjoy the complete DS emulator experience with your Android devices whenever you want and where you want. Make uses of the vast and in-depth settings that are available in the app to further enhance your changes and customizations to the gameplay. And of course, feel free to make uses of many interesting features in the app that would make the gameplay even more interesting than your original Nintendo DS experiences.

However, new users should not mistake the app with a collection of games, as you’ll need to download certain ROMs for your games. DraStic DS Emulator will only perform the job of emulating the games that are available on your devices. Hence, you’ll need to get the game ROMs first before you can enjoy the gameplay with the emulator. And don’t worry, there are plenty of different online sources, from which you can download and get your games ready to enjoy.

And with the game ready, you can dive into the emulator experiences and explore many interesting features that would make the gameplay even more awesome compared to the original. That being said, with the app, you’re allowed to make changes to your save files, customize the visuals, changing the audio, hack your speed, and so on. Feel free to explore each of these unique features to make your overall gaming experiences in DraStic DS Emulator a lot more interesting.