At last, fans of the world famous horror game series, Five Nights at Freddy’s has now being introduced to another bone-chilling experiences on their mobile devices. Find yourself enjoying the scary yet addictive gameplay in FNAF sister where you’ll later discover the secrets behind the Circus Baby’s Pizza World.

Scott Cawthon
4.5 MB + 308 MB
MOD Features

Enjoy the classic Five Nights at Freddy’s gameplay as you have the chances to discover the spooky place when the night fall. Find yourself being surrounded by scary-looking animatronics that are supposed to be friendly. Instead, you’ll find them being quite unusual and the entire facilities in the Circus Baby’s Pizza World is not as it always seem to be.

However, you’ll quickly realize that there is something that’s off about this place. It’s either the suspicious voices that keep whispering to your ears out of thin air, or the scary-looking animatronics that are a little demonic, to say the least. But most importantly, the nights at Circus Baby’s Pizza World isn’t that friendly and fun at all.

With all kinds of unusual incidences that keep happening around you, you can’t help but feeling that you’re a victim of a much bigger scheme. Let’s be honest, moving and talking animatronics that seems like they have their own thinking? It’s a major sign that tells you the place is definitely spooky.