It has been years after the first release of the famous Grand Theft Auto 3, the first one in the world-famous series that has introduced gamers to the immersive 3D open-world gameplay instead of the traditional top-down perspective. Together with the in-depth gameplay and captivating stories, it’s still considered one of the best GTA game up until this day.

Rockstar Games
7.0 and up
12.6 MB + 673.2 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Find yourself living the ultimate life of a wild and free-spirited gangster in GTA 3, where everything is possible. Travel the massive city, perform all kind of dirty businesses while realizing your goal to take revenge on those who had abandoned you. Soon you’ll find yourself completely hooked to the dark and ruthless underground world of the criminals in Liberty City.

However, as you prepare to enter the car, you were suddenly betrayed by your most trusted friend. She shot you down and quickly free away leaving lying down on the street. Soon after that, you were convicted and sent to the prison.

Fortunately, the convoy was ambushed by the Colombian Cartel on the way to its next destination. Their target was an Old Oriental Gentleman, but you and your inmates managed to free yourself anyway.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: