DC fans rejoice as Warner Bros. International Enterprises has finally introduced their exciting Injustice: Gods Among game on the mobile platform. Find yourself play as your favorite characters in the DC Universe. Participating in endless fights with multiple opponents as you rise above them

Warner Bros. International Enterprises
4.0 and up
1.5 GB
MOD Features
Games do not need Google kit, Retry locked after three currencies If you can not disconnect the network to enter the game 25165824

In the game, you’ll have the opportunities to build up your ultimate roster of the most powerful heroes and villains in the franchise. Select the best team composition, power up your characters, and lead them through multiple challenges.

The game takes place in a fictional alternative universe, in which Superman has found himself corrupted after being tricked to kill his pregnant wife Louis and millions of civilians in a tragic nuclear accident. Thus, he then brutally takes down Joker, the one who’s behind this, and start his tyrannical controls over the entire planet.

With his mind completely corrupted, Superman now seeing him as the supreme deity who protect the peace and order of the planet. Thus, he starts to lose his senses and would kill anyone that he deemed guilty.