Don’t have time for the intense and demanding mobile game on your devices? More interested in the quick, casual, and enjoyable titles that you can quickly have fun with? Then you’re definitely in the right place. With Oddman (MOD Unlimited Gold), Android gamers will find themselves having a lot of fun in just a little amount of time. Dive into the casual and yet extremely interesting actions in this awesome mobile game from JoyPac.

44.4 MB
MOD Features
Unconditional use gold to buy

Find yourself play as a weird fighter who finds himself caught in a strange plot of land. Fight with all kinds of interesting enemies as each of you trying to take each other down. Enjoy the simple, fun, and exhilarating gameplay with the unique graphics, responsive physics, and so on. Take on a series of epic challenges as you increase your rank and advance in the game.

However, life isn’t that easy as our Oddman constantly finds himself being caught in the exciting fights with all kinds of interesting invaders. Here, he’ll dive into the exciting brawls with the intruders that come in all sizes and shapes.

Challenge them in exciting all-out brawls as you throw your body against your opponents, trying to push them off the island and into the dangerous water. Make uses of the different maps, try different approaches, and perform awesome skill attacks to effectively take down the other intruders. Rank up your Oddman and advance to the next levels of the game as you progress.