Ever since its first release, PUBG has always been one of the best game on both the PC and mobile platform. Although many other publishers tried to replicate their successes, things don’t seem that easy. That being said, you must be extremely innovative and unique to overcome the shadow of PUBG that’s hovering over you.

NetEase Games
4.0 and up
95.5 MB + 968.8 MB
MOD Features

And that’s exactly what the creators at NetEase Games have delivered us. Following a well-polished version of PUBG mobile, the publisher has done a great job introducing new elements to this game. Find out all about this new Battle Royale game to see why we highly recommend it to you.

Travel the massive maps as you collect valuable items and equipment that could come handy in your next fights. Escape the deadly circle as it slowly closes down and covering only a small portion of the map. Now, everything that stays outside of the circle will be killed and those who’re inside will have to fight each other until there is only one survivor.

This game is completely different from other Battle Royale game, especially the original PUBG, which makes it more interesting. For starter, players are allowed to select their desired heroes, each he08ro will fall into certain classes such as Mage, Hunter, Engineer, Assassin, and Warrior. Depending on your classes, you’ll find certain weapons and equipment more suitable for your characters over the others.