Are you a fan of the famous PUBG game on the PC? Looking for a more refreshing and exciting gameplay on your mobile devices, but wouldn’t want to experience the same old setups in the previous games? Then you would certainly find Rocket Royale being a great FPS title to enjoy on your mobile devices, in which, gamers will have their chances to enjoy the game in a much more interesting approaches.

GameSpire Ltd.
95.31 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Have fun in the awesome world of Rocket Royale as you explore and experience the unique world of PvP Battle Royale gameplay. Find yourself in a new world with the unique art style, amazing mechanics, and most importantly, feel free to have fun with many new in-game features that you can’t find on any other mobile title.

And instead of running away from the Ring of Death while taking down others to become the sole survivor, gamers in Rocket Royale will attempt to build up your rocket to escape the island before disastrous events happened and eliminate all life forms on it. Look for resources from all over the islands as well as loot other gamers to collect the important parts. Finish your rocket before the Deadly Storm approach and wipe out everything on its path.

And at the game time, it’s also possible for gamers to collect wood pieces and other construction materials from all around them as they create their fortresses to defend the rocket. Engage in exciting shooter and building experiences that would pretty much resemblance Creative Destruction and Respawnables.