Are you a shooter fan? Looking for a quick and relaxing fun on your mobile devices? Don’t want to get caught into heavy shooter titles? Then you would definitely find Shootout 3D being your next favorite mobile shooter game. With its simple and straightforward gameplay, anyone can find themselves being able to play the game. Plus, thanks to the brilliantly innovated gameplay, it’s easy to find joy and excitement in each level.

Kwalee Ltd
37.1 MB
MOD Features
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Feel free to dive into the idle shooter gameplay where your only objective is to direct the aim toward your opponents. Avoid all the obstacles that are placed on the map and take down your target with great accuracy. And at the same time, avoid being hit by the incoming bullets from the enemies. The game will teach you how to be a perfect hitman that can take lives with each and every bullet.

In each stage, there will be certain puzzles that you’ll have to solve before you can take down the enemies. Shoot them down without being hit by other’s bullets. Avoid the annoying obstacles that are placed in front of you to, somehow, hack your way behind them. Challenge your enemies with your accurate shots and make uses of everything around you to take them down.

And at the same time, feel free to customize your in-game experiences with a variety of different weapons. Have fun with many personalizations in the game and more.