Android gamers will definitely enjoy themselves in the epic fighting gameplay in Skullgirls as you join your favorite characters in exciting combats. Play as unique and interesting characters with awesome skills and abilities. Challenge your enemies in fluid and satisfying gameplay as you guide your heroes to victories.

Autumn Games, LLC
79.5 MB
MOD Features
No need to use the skills cd networking game, the first run will need to download the data to run!

In addition, you’ll also find yourself enjoying the exciting RPG gameplay with in-depth character customizations and upgrades. Level them up through series of exciting battles and practices. Unlock special moves and unique powers on each of your heroes. Discover the epic fighting gameplay in various modes.

It has already been 7 years, and the artifact is about to reappear. Will it find a true own with a worthy heart, or will another Skullgirl would terrorize the city just as it did seven years ago? The answers are not yet decided.

And it’s you who will join others in the journey to look for the mysterious artifact to make sure it won’t fall into the wrong hand. Find yourself battle with other characters as you pursuit the artifacts and retrieve it.

Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer: