As a child, especially boys, we’ve probably once taken our imaginations and turn them into arts. And what could be more inspiring for boys at that ages, other than our imaginative stick hero fighting bad guys? In facts, lots of us even take that to an extreme level with animated drawings.

NetEase Games
4.1 and up
64.4 MB + 134.2 MB
MOD Features

Now, that fantasy has become reality, as you’re able to play many stick-fight games on your Android devices. However, if you’re looking for an authentic experience, then Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is definitely the game for you. Find out all about it with our review.

Make good use of your incredible skills as a stick hero to kick their asses. In additions, you’ll also have access to a huge collection of different weapons that would deal great damages on the enemies. Take up arms, men! It’s time for wars.

Although there are already dozens of different stickman games on the Apkdone, you won’t find any other game that has the same level of details as well as exciting gameplay as Stick Fight. It is the official version of the game from the famous NetEase Games. As a result, you’ll notice a lot of significant differences compared to other third-party games.