Join millions of online players from all over the world as we gather in the futuristic city in Super Mecha Champions to battle for the ultimate winner. Experience a completely renewed Battle Royale gameplay as you take on other players in epic brawls and gunfights between giant robots. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing game from NetEase Games with our comprehensive reviews.

NetEase Games
101 MB + 1.8 GB
MOD Features

To win the game, players must choose the right landing spots when they’re dropped from the plane, capturing tactical points and gather good resources. Experience the traditional Battle Royale gameplay as well as epic battles between giant Mechas.

Right off the bat, players will be introduced to a simple and convenient control. You’ll have all your commands for movements, skills, abilities, and so on listed and organized perfectly on the screen for you quickly access. This ensures a continuous gameplay and allows gamers to focus more on the combats. You’ll also have a small but comprehensive minimap, which shows everything you need to know about the terrain of the map, occurring fights. And most importantly, it shows the surrounding dead circle that keeps on closing as you go. Pay good attentions to the map and you can easily know what to do next.