Looking for an action-packed mobile title with extremely simple and accessible gameplay for you to enjoy whenever you’re ready? Expecting to have fun as you dive into endless combats with a variety of different enemies, in which you can make uses of your heroic abilities to defeat them with styles? And finally, an addictive action gameplay with captivating stories that would keep you hooked to the game for hours on end? Then you could find no better choice than Tales Rush as the awesome bile game offers in-depth and interesting experiences that you would certainly find interesting.

Potting Mob
99.26 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money/Energy

Choose your heroes and embark on their ultimate journey to defeat the monsters and protect the world from its unavoidable end. Take on a series of exciting in-game adventures and challenges while having fun with the hilarious and enjoyable in-game actions with your heroes. Decide how the tales would end with your own skills, abilities, determinations, and a little luck during the battles.

But there are those who would fight for their own cause and want to bring back peace to the lands with their powers. And they’re our two heroes in Tales Rush. Join the Sword-girl Alice and the Ninja-man Alibaba as they take on their ultimate quests to defeat the evil enemies. Enjoy epic actions as you pick up endless challenges through the level-based missions and conquer hundreds of quests before you can face the ultimate bosses.

Have fun with the accessible and enjoyable action gameplay with intuitive touch controls and in-depth in-game mechanics. Make uses of certain customizations on your characters and their unique abilities to defeat the enemies. Pick up special weapons and unlock awesome skills to enjoy much more exciting action gameplay.

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer: