The nasty zombies in Zombie Age series have returned, and this time, they bring a whole army with them. Find yourself completely enjoy diving into the epic actions with the endless swarms of zombies as they approach you.

4.0.3 and up
47.5 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money/Ammo

Make use of every last bullet from your arsenal to effectively deal with these hideous creatures as you blow their heads off. But with the number of zombies keep increasing by the days, what can you do to escape the situations?

However, as you escape the zombies, you quickly realize that the fights aren’t just to survive anymore. This time, with you being too outnumbered by the zombies, it’s not very easy to survive the situation on your own.

Hence, you’ll need to travel the lands to look for other survivors. Together, you can join forces to create the resistance forces that can stand against the emerging zombies. Make uses of each characters’ unique powers and abilities to quickly take them down as you go.

To start with, gamers in Zombie Age 3 will find themselves being tasked with the ultimate quest to bring peace back to the planet by taking down all the zombies. And to do that, you’ll have to complete a series of different missions with escalating difficulties. Find yourself completely hooked to the challenges as you pick up the toughest zombie challenges and become the hero.