Find yourself completely hooked to this epic zombie shooter title on the Android platform. Choose your favorite characters, grab your preferred guns, and let’s dive into the epic shooter challenges. Find yourself being surrounded by deadly enemies from all sides.

Vivid Games S.A.
76.1 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited gold and diamonds (Enter the game need science Internet!)

In a world that has been overtaken by zombies, there is little that humanity can do to stop the enemies’ advances but wait for the heroes to come and save them. And you, being our only hope, will come and rescue the survivors by driving out the zombies with your excellent shooting skills. Take them down as you make uses of your powerful and accurate shots. Join the Zombie Blast Crew and defeat your enemies.

And our only hope was to wait for the army to come and rescue us. But no army showed up and the zombies are terrorizing the survivors. In these darkest moments, a hero arises and fight against the zombies. And that hero is you. Only you, with the power of amazing firearms, can defeat the enemies and bring salvation to the survivors.

But don’t worry as you’re not alone in your journey, other heroes have also risen up to the challenges. And together, you’ll form your own Zombie Blast Crew to take on the nasty zombies and drive out the zombies. Prepare your crews for a series on interesting challenges and missions as you take them through waves after waves of zombies. Slowly but steadily, you’ll fight and defeat the zombies to create your own Zero Zombie Zone. Give the people something that they can rely on as you continue forth.