Experience the addictive and enjoyable zombie shooting in this amazing game from Mountain Lion as you pick up your guns while charging yourself into herds of zombies. Make uses of the powerful fire powers to slow down their advances for as long as possible.

Mountain Lion
3.0 and up
16.5 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Try your best to survive each day in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, complete multiple missions and challenges that’re introduced to you every day so you may advance to the next level. Collect awesome loots as you blow up the zombies one after the other.

With their amazing fighting skills and powerful fire powers, they’ve become a solid defense for the rest of mankind. But with time, there is no sign of slowing down from the zombies while many heroes have fallen during battles.

This requires a lot of fresh recruits. Thus, things finally come to your hands. In the role of a novice zombie fighter, players will find themselves being challenged by multiple zombie attacks. Prove your worth as you defeat them and become mankind’s next hopes.