Find yourself living your worst nightmare as you take on this impossible challenge in Zombie Highway 2. Ride through deserted streets as you try your best to avoid the zombies’ attacks. Do whatever you’re capable of, make uses of the obstacles on the road to somehow push away the zombies before they could have a taste of your juicy brain.

Auxbrain Inc
4.1 and up
95.3 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

In addition, you can access your weapon arsenal to shoot at the tough ones or use the nitro to force them off your car. Ride like a pro as you take down multiple zombies, one after the other. Upgrade your car, collect new weapons, and reach the safety checkpoint. Find out how far you could make it through in this amazing game from Auxbrain Inc.

You, being one of a few survival, will have to make your journey of destiny into the safe outposts where the lasts of humanity are gathered. But first, you’ll have to travel through dangerous roads where herds of zombies are wandering around looking for food.

All you have is your trusted van and a single gun to cross the menacing lands. However, you’ll need to keep moving forward. Who knows what will come for you if you keep hesitating. Time for you to step up and find yourself away in the death.