Gunspell 2 Mod Apk – an incredible combination of classic RPG and puzzle three in a row , which will delight you with interesting and addictive gameplay.

Here you have prepared incredible adventures, an intriguing storyline, tons of weapons and artifacts, as well as magic spells. Get ready to immerse yourself in a mysterious world inhabited by vampires, monsters, demons and heroes. Already now you can download the excellent RPG Gunspell 2 on Android and try out the entertaining gameplay, as well as unique levels.

Gunspell 2 Mod Apk – Match 3 Puzzle RPG Jewel War in a row

• Explore – different worlds in story adventures and prevent supernatural threats. 
• Collect – unique heroes, powerful items, dark magic spells and much more.
• Fight – the first real-time online Match 3 battles with real players. Climb ranks by winning multiplayer pvp duels.
• Solve – mysteries of long-dead empires and puzzles of ancients.
• Play – jewel games with demons and dragons to accomplish your quest.
• Challenge – your three in a row skill and use powerful combinations of gems and jewels.

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Gunspell 2 – Match 3 Puzzle RPG APK Mod v.1.1.7230-[APKPARK.CO].apk [78M]

Gunspell 2 – Match 3 Puzzle RPG APK IDENTITY 

Gunspell 2 – Match 3 Puzzle RPG Jewel War in a row MOD APK

1. Menu Need Storage + Overlay Permission
2. Skull killed enemy (Activate only you can connect 3 Skulls / Enemy has the same Effect = Loose)
3. Shop Cost 0 (Store/Package)
4. Open Win Chest for PremiumReward for free
Need Storage + Overlay Permission for the Menu