Are you bored by the same old casual titles with unexciting gameplay, tedious and repetitive experiences, and so on? Wish to feel the surge of adrenaline running through your blood as you find yourself completely excited? Looking for a great mobile game to spend your free time and to satisfy your needs for some epic horror fun? Then you should look no further beside Hello Neighbor.

29.9 MB + 892 MB
MOD Features

Have fun in this once in a lifetime horror and bone-chilling experience as you find yourself lost in the world of scary yet exciting gameplay in Hello Neighbor. Dive into the endless and awesome gameplay of horror and thriller as you join our little character in his discovery of a horrible secret. Embark on the scary and nasty experience in Hello Neighbor, where you’ll experience scary gameplay at its best.

And by accident, while retrieving his ball, Nicky found himself hearing something that he would wish to never listen to. A strange sound of screaming is coming from the house of Theodore Peterson, or Mr. Peterson for short. Here, you vaguely witness him doing something suspicious as he closes off a secret door inside the house. It seems like he is keeping someone or something behind that door.

Sensing that something might have gone wrong with the house and Mr. Peterson himself, you decide to take a look and check out the house. But little did you know, this would be the first event that would spark a series of exciting and bone-chilling adventures as you dive into the captivating gameplay of Hello Neighbor. How could have thought that a seemingly peaceful man also holds an unbelievable secret with him.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: