Experience the world of magic, monsters, epic fights, and ultimate survival challenges in Stormfall: Saga of Survival as you dive into the addictive gameplay that it features. Find yourself in the middle of the wild with little equipment to help you survive the falling nights. When the sun comes off and the moon rise, darkness will consume the lands and monsters will start their hunts.

Plarium Global Ltd
4.1 and up
58.2 MB
MOD Features
Weapons are endless and durable!

Do whatever you need to do to survive the harsh lands in Stormfall as you scavenging the areas looking for resources, make uses of your crafting abilities to create all kinds of interesting items to help you survive the wild. Build your base to protect your from the enemies and weapons so you can defend yourself against the wild animals.

In the game, players will become a betrayed lord of Stormfall and are now facing the life of exile. Once a proud and powerful lord, you’re not empty-handed with nothing left, other than the simple equipment that was given for you to survive on your own in this harsh land.

However, in the Eastern Marches, these will not be enough for you to survive. That being said, you’ll need to work hard to look for the essential resources to start building up your bases. Collect foods from animals and plants to sustain yourself. And defeat enemies and monsters that want to take you down.