Find yourself in for an epic surviving challenge in Survivalcraft 2 where you’ll learn all the different art of surviving as well as dive into the endless fun and exciting challenges in the game. Participate in unique and interesting activities to help your character survive the tough environments.

Candy Rufus Games
2.3.3 and up
26.6 MB
MOD Features
God Mode

Roam the massive maps, climb on varied structures, explore deep dungeons, hunt down animals, and go against multiple monsters in your epic adventure. Collect awesome resources across the maps, from mining ores to foods.

In the game, players will join their epic survival journey as they find themselves casted on the shore of an unique blocky world. Surrounded by wild animals, varied resources, and collectibles, you’ll have your chances to enjoy your own surviving challenges.

Feel free to collect whatever you need to survive. Start with the necessary foods from wild plants and animals. You’ll then have to collect resources to start making tools to assist you in your activities in the game from hunting, planting, building, to exploring.