Ever since the beginning of humanity, we’ve been dreaming of being able to soar above the sky like birds. However, it’s not until the Wright brothers introduce their first flying contraption that we begin to think that it’s a possible dream.

4.4 and up
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Today, we’re completely capable of producing planes that can flight extremely high and fast. We even have high-speed jets that are capable of traveling half over the earth during a day. Thus flying has become something that is both exciting and achievable at the same time.

You’ll be playing as a novice army pilot who’s eager to apply what he has learned from the academy. Take on exciting missions and flying around in your epic fighter jets. Take out the military facilities of your enemies and defeat their crews during intensive sky battles. Make the best of what you’ve learned at the academy, dodge enemies’ fires, rock them up with your rockets, and clear off their ground defense with your superior firepower.

In additions, you can gain access to certain customization options that allow you to paint your plane according to different styles. That being said, you can have the standard gray paint that most fighter jets feature. But if you want to experience some camouflage painting, you can also do that. The game also offers special paint which makes your jet stand out from the others, it would be quite useful if you want to attract the enemies’ firepower.