That being said, aside from the addictive shooter experiences, the game also introduces gamers to the refreshing cartoony graphics with the “more friendly” zombies that look like your normal dolls. However, don’t get fooled by their innocent looks since they also crave for your flesh and brains.

Triniti Interactive Studios Limited
2.0.1 and up
7.2 MB
MOD Features
1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode
3. No ADS

Dive into the unique first-person shooter challenge as you pick up your favorite weapons from dozens of different types in your arsenal. Take on the nasty zombies with all kinds of uncanny powers and abilities as they charge themselves at you. Discover the rich gameplay through a variety of different game modes.

In the game, gamers will find yourself as the sole survivors in your neighborhood after a devastating virus outbreak had turned the majority of the population into mindless monsters. Being the only one that survived, you’re now being attacked by zombies from all directions. Time to grab your powerful guns and knock the hell out of them

As your friends and families are not all turned into zombies, you’re all alone. Don’t fight for any others, instead, do it for your own survival. Fight for your life as you take down the nasty zombies in epic FPS challenges. Find out how many days could you survive until the swarms of zombies finally overcome you, or you will defeat all of them and get to a safer place.