It’s surprising how people could turn such a simple concept into an amazing and addictive game on your mobile devices. That being said, with Crowd City, gamers will find themselves enjoying the simple yet incredibly addictive gameplay. Feel free to pick up your phone and take on the exciting challenges in Crowd City whenever you want.

56.1 MB
MOD Features

Dive into the awesome big fish small fish gameplay where you’ll take on other opponents in a sandbox city map. Run around collecting followers as you try to beat the numbers of your opponents. “Eat” them up as you become the larger crowd leaders in the city. Compete with friends and online gamers for the top scores as you dive into this interesting casual game.

And to make the game more enjoyable, gamers in Crowd City can pick up dozens of interesting upgrades and customizations. Feel free to roam the city with their modified characters, the giant crocodile, monsters, dinosaurs, ice-cream man, and so on. Explore the fun and interesting gameplay whenever you have the time. Compete to become the top scorers in Crowd City.

With simple and intuitive touch controls, along with the straightforward gameplay, it wouldn’t take long before you can get familiar with the game. Just move your finger in a certain direction to guide your crowd toward their certain paths. Collect pedestrians along the way to increase your numbers and get ready to take on any groups that pass you by.