One of the most popular games on the touchscreen devices, Fruit Ninja is now back with a lot of enjoyable features. Find yourselves diving into the epic slashing and slicing experiences as you help your ninjas collect multiple fruit frenzies with their accurate and incredible moves.

Halfbrick Studios
4.1 and up
86.9 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Enjoy the exciting casual Android gameplay at its best with the extreme simplicity yet incredibly satisfying experiences on Fruit Ninja. Feel free to slice your screen up and down as you cut down multiple fruits with your attacks.

However, don’t mistake the game for another simple title that you can master in less than a couple of minutes. With Fruit Ninja, Android gamers will find themselves in for a real challenge. With a variety of different game modes to enjoy and hundreds of different challenges with escalating difficulties, you’ll soon find yourself having quite a trouble slicing through the lines of bombs to get to your fruits.

Not to mention that their weird positioning and timing will make your Fruit Ninja challenges extremely difficult and fun at the same time.