Find yourself enjoying an entire refreshing adventure in Geometry Dash Meltdown after you’ve done discover the full version of the game. Explore the world of Geometry Dash in a completely different fashion with creepy looking cubes and exotic maps.

RobTop Games
4.0 and up
31.6 MB
MOD Features

Choose between a variety of different cubes, each having its own unique traits and visual effects, to play with. Make uses of the intuitive and addictive mechanics that are featured in the game as you enjoy another great adventure with Geometry Dash.

That being said, it features all the exciting aspects of Geometry Dash that you’ve all grown to love. In addition, the unique visual effects and characters will also make things a lot more enjoyable, especially if you’re looking for a simple casual game to enjoy on your mobile devices

To start with, Android gamers will have the chances to discover the unique rhythm-based platformer gameplay with exciting features. Choose to fly on rockets or flip with gravity as you move on the exciting maps. Feel free to listen to addictive music while getting pass multiple obstacles in the game. Using the simple and intuitive tap mechanics.