Thriller and horror fans will certain enjoy themselves in this awesome Android title from DVloper where you’ll participate in a series of bone-chilling events as you try to find a way to escape the horror house. Explore the small house that you’re being kept captive by the horrendous granny. Try to find your way out before she decides to do some nasty stuffs with you.

99.9 MB
MOD Features
God Mode

Explore the remake version of the originally famous Roblox game right on your mobile devices with the scary themes. Interact with the environments, scout the areas, and make your plan to escape this deadly haunted house. You’ll only have five days.

Later, you find out that you’re being kept captive by a crazy old lady who is extremely terrifying. Quickly, you must find a place to hide since she’s coming to look for you. Hide on the wardrobe, under the bed, and many other places. Try not to make any noises unless you want her to come at you with the bloody baseball club on her hand.

As the initial message in the game has started, you’ll only have 5 days to try to get out of the house before the creepy granny decides to actually play with you. And you can only escape from the front door that’s positioned on the first floor. Worst, it’s also locked so you can’t just bypass her guard and sneak yourself out.

Here you’ll find some of the most interesting features that the game has to offer: