Welcome to the evolution party! With this idle evolutionary simulation, you can go through all the stages, mixing different creatures: from a single-celled to a posthuman. Don’t miss the opportunity to look at the evolution of the world and have fun. It’s an amazing evolution game!

Develop and update creatures – combine animals to get a new breed. Take two identical single-celled or multi-celled organisms, play with their genetics and enjoy the result. Buy crystals to accelerate the evolution. Evolution does not stand still.

Are you fascinated by how the first life forms were created on Earth? Interested in our ancestor’s paths. How and why we end up where we are now? And where will humanity be or how we would become in the future? Well, all your questions will be answered in your latest journey into the epic gameplay of Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind.


Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK v.1.7.13-[APKPARK.CO].apk [63M]

Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD, Unlimited Money APK IDENTITY

Genres Arcade

Version 1.7.13

Developer WAZZAPPS

Requires 4.1

Size 63 MB

MOD Features Unlimited Money

Updated 2020/03/05

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.banana4apps.evolution

Find yourself going through multiple stages of life on Earth through a series of interesting in-game features. Explore the world of tiny DNAs and find out how could they turned into the first lifeforms on Earth. Create your own world as you start introducing new species to the habitats.

The game features the simple yet extremely addictive clicker gameplay where you can learn more about the evolutions of lifeforms on Earth. Choose between different creatures from different evolution stages. Start with a small DNA chain, tap on it to generate coins and evolve it into a more advanced life form. Or alternatively, you can purchase another creature. Form the two similar creatures to form a new one at a higher level of evolution.

Fill your area with different creatures, give them certain cares so they may evolve on their own. Or combine the two creatures to a new one. The more advanced your creatures are the better idle or tapping money you can earn from them.