Do you love ice cream, who doesn’t? We bet you do have some great childhood memories with the ice cream men in your neighborhood. But what if all those sweet memories sudden turned into nasty and scary ones now that we told you the ice cream seller is secretly kidnaping your friends and freezing them with his ice-cold breath?

Keplerians Horror Games
138.6 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited life

Surely this would ruin your great memories and turned them into really bad ones, right? Who could have thought that your friendly-looking ice cream sellers can be so scary? But lucky for you, it’s just a made-up story. But for our friends in Ice Scream, everything is real. And the threats are always imminent. You’ll never know when you’ll become the next victim. Now, the ice cream man has returned and welcome you to another horrifying thriller with Ice Scream Episode 2.

While you’re safe for now, who knows when will this seemingly friendly guy target you, or worse, your other friends? And most of all, you’re extremely worried about your best friend and would decide to rescue him from the death. And to do that, you’ll have to get inside the van of our creepy ice cream seller and track him down along his path.

Dive into the awesome gameplay with a series of breathtaking events that you’ll have to deal with. And at the same time, have fun with the awesome in-game puzzles and challenges that you’ll have to overcome to get to the end of this.