Find yourself as the omnipotent being in this awesome game from Bolt Creative, Inc. Here, you can take control of any entire pygmy tribe, in which you can choose your own ways of behave. Either become a good god and provide the people with their necessities or terrorize them with your devastating powers by causing natural disasters.

Bolt Creative, Inc
2.0 and up
18.2 MB
MOD Features
Paid for free

Join the interesting pygmy in their journey to find the promise lands. Give them wise guidance and help the pygmies to fight against all odds. Take your people through different stories that introduces you to the world of the prehistoric people.

Do what you want to do so these islanders and thrive on their lands. Or if you want to, you can also test their will with natural disasters and more. Become the absolute being on the island that these people would bow down to.

Pocket God introduces gamers to the exciting adventures of the pygmies as you’ll follow you through many exciting episodes. Get involved in many enjoyable events along with your beloved followers. Be a responsible god and help them as they worship you.